Tricorn House, Birmingham


Witan Studios, Milton Keynes

Our approach to workspaces.

CEG is committed to ensuring long term investment. Not only do we understand how people want to work and live their lives, taking a long term view enables us make decisions that benefit both investors and customers.

Our approach provides workspaces that ensure colleagues are happy and productive, enabling customers to attract and retain the very best talent

We know how important your office is for attracting and retaining the very best talent.

Kirkstall Forge, Leeds

In-House Management.

We choose to manage all aspects of our buildings in-house. Unlike others, we have the internal expertise and choose to manage every aspect of each building.

In our experience, this simply works better for our customers. We get to know you and your business, and that allows our team to create a positive experience throughout the whole of your occupancy.

  • Community team
  • Wellness studios
  • Changing facilities
  • Design focused
  • On-site cafés
  • Breakout spaces
Alpha Works, Birmingham

Flexible leasing.

We totally understand the value of occupier flexibility and we offer a range of different, highly flexible approaches to leasing, compared to the standard market offer.

Let Ready is a concept developed by CEG to make our buildings more accessible and inclusive for our customers across the UK.

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Alpha, Birmingham

Amenity First.

We know how important amenities are to our workspace customers. Several of our buildings feature combinations of business lounges, connected cafes, bookable meeting rooms, and lots of outdoor space for events and meetings.

We may also provide services including car valeting, co-working spaces, dry cleaning and priority car spaces, all designed to make work as easy as possible for your people.

Temple, Leeds


At CEG, sustainability is not simply about compliance. For us, it’s a core principle embedded across our business – our products, our processes and our partnerships. We plan, deliver and manage our buildings for sustainability is one of our highest priorities.

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EQ, Bristol


Looking to the future, CEG are excited by a number of new developments in the pipeline across the UK. These new developments will be at the forefront of office design and performance and will set the standard in the industry.

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