Witan Studios, Milton Keynes

In it for the long term

CEG is in it for the long term. This commitment enables CEG to do things very differently to other property companies, to the distinct advantage of its customers. With no short-term requirement to load headline rents, the CEG way is to build value over a much longer timescale.

Lease flexibility

We totally understand the value of occupier flexibility. With all parts of the building managed by a CEG team, we can offer a different, highly flexible approach to leasing, we have the ability to offer customers three fantastic, flexible leasing products – Core, Flex and Superflex.


This is your core office space at the heart of your business. The floor plates are designed to maximise natural light and create the perfect working conditions for people to thrive. Large open, efficient floor plates, carefully designed to allow inter-connectivity between floors.


Occupy on your own terms. Flexible spaces available on conventional short-term leases with the option of full fit-out. The leases feature ‘easy in, easy out’ terms, which we call ‘Let Ready’. These spaces can come ‘comms ready’ without a liability for dilapidations. This is your flex space to allow your business to expand and contract.


Our most flexible offer. Book desks in coworking spaces and make use of our bookable, fully- equipped meeting rooms for larger meetings. This is perfect for projects, collaborations and events.

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