Alpha, Birmingham

Design & Technology

Tricorn House, Birmingham


The design of the buildings is about much more than simply the outward appearance. It involves considering the needs of those who occupy them in detail, understanding how they choose to live and work and providing them with the spaces and the amenities they need.

Tricorn House, Birmingham

As well as flexible office spaces, interiors may feature break-out areas, business lounges and cafés or bars. Even cycle spas and gyms. While outside, roof terraces and landscaped outdoor areas can provide space for your people to relax. All of which contributes to the appeal of our buildings as places to work.

North Bank, Sheffield


Office buildings come with the highest possible technical specification, designed with the needs of forward-thinking businesses in mind. We future-proof the buildings by designing additional capacity in from the start, fit fully-distributed fibre, secure, dependable connections, and provide business protection and resilience as a matter of course.

Kirkstall Forge, Leeds

Future facing.

We constantly look to the future, asking how we can continue to push building design for maximum connectivity and have earned a Wired Score Platinum rating. Other future-facing features include: solar panels and electric car charging points.

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