Leading by example

Leading by example.

At CEG we believe in sustainability not just for the sake of compliance but as a core principle, embedded in our business culture, processes and everyday interactions.

Climate change is at the forefront of the UK agenda. We recognise that with the built environment contributing around 40% of the UK’s total carbon footprint, addressing the way we plan, deliver and manage buildings is one of our biggest challenges.

We have moved our electricity to a green contact which will cover 51 buildings and is expected to save 10,000 t/CO2. This is equivalent to saving 26,341,438 Miles driven by an average car – the equivalent of 55 trips to the moon!



Our starting point is to find connected places – city locations with good infrastructure connections. And where these don’t already exist, we work with our stakeholders to manage the delivery of infrastructure first. Our strategy also focuses on resilience for flood, business continuity and connectivity as well as key themes across a 5 capitals model; natural, built, social, human and financial.

Health and wellbeing.

We manage the delivery of the highest standards of health and wellbeing and the often-competing demands of efficiency in operation and energy management systems. We are focused on performance-led outcomes and targeting how a building will actually operate in use. This involves a collaborative and hands-on approach with our design team, contractors and stakeholders.


CEG goes far beyond the boundaries of policy and compliance to test new and innovative ways of constructing and measuring performance. In this way we deliver value and future-proof developments for our stakeholders, and users, long after the ribbon is cut.


The built environment has a major influence on climate change through energy in use and embodied carbon in materials. Newly constructed buildings are inherently more energy efficient, however 80% of the building stock that will exist by the 2050 net carbon zero date are already in existence so a major priority is decarbonising existing stock. We manage the major refurbishments of dated and poorly performing buildings to improve their performance. This proven response sees these spaces let quickly on strong terms providing benefit to our investors, users and the environment.


We recognize that we hold a privileged position to influence the sustainability agenda right across the development lifecycle.  Our strategic land team focus on delivering planning consents that enable the housebuilding sector to deliver enhanced environmental performance.

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