In 2010, Horizon was a three-year-old, 83,000sqft ghost-town.

Although the location was beautiful, it wasn’t your usual setting for an office. On the outskirts of a village between Maidenhead and Henley, with no nearby transport-links or amenities, it stood empty after the previous owner went into administration. Then, we stepped in.

Key challenges

When we invested in the building, the country was in the midst of a recession. The previous owner had earned a reputation for being in trouble with the bank and the building lacked the basic amenities modern businesses expect. All of these things combined meant no one was interested in renting the space.

So we made some changes.

We started by using some of the rentable floor space to build a café and gym, even before we had the tenants to use them. We changed agents, and instead of offering the whole building as one, like the building had originally been intended, we offered it in sections between 10,000sqft and 80,000sqft. We created a structured letting plan, with deals to entice tenants.

Then, we set up a minibus service to run from Horizon to Maidenhead station. We bought the buses and hired the drivers ourselves.

A warm, welcoming place to work started to take shape.

Key achievements

We took a building that had been empty for three years, increased the rental value and decreased the rent free periods. The building is now fully let.

To support small businesses, we work with local dry-cleaners and florists. For our people in Horizon, that means they can get their shirts freshened up or flowers for a birthday straight from our reception. They can even get their car washed in the car park.

We care about being a part of the local community – we held a party for the Queen’s Jubilee, and every year we have a boat at the Henley Regatta.

Office SpaceOffice space

Reception AreaReception area

Key facts

We’ve been through our first period of break clauses, and every single tenant has chosen to stay. Because of that, our take-up in the market has gone up.

Key benefits

Horizon’s location is unusual for an office. And that’s what gives it the charm. Set in the incredible Thames Valley countryside, Horizon is surrounded by 11 acres of landscaped grounds.

We also have a diverse range of tenants. From pharmaceutical companies to tech businesses.

The CEG way, leading by example

When Horizon was purchased, it was half a story. A development with great potential, but without some of the key necessities for a thriving business community. We had our vision for Horizon, and we invested in it. Adding the facilities and amenities that would draw in tenants.

And then, we developed great relationships with them. They tell us what their employees want and need, and we discuss what we can add or change in the building to make it a better space for them.


Property by example

We believe in leading by example. We’re proud of our projects, and think they’re the best way to show just what we’re capable of, read through our case studies to find out more.