About Us

Ours is a story of growth.

We started this journey in 1989 as Commercial Estates Management. Since then, we’ve grown. Now, we’re known as CEG, and we have offices in London, Leeds, Birmingham and Cornwall.

We’ve worked on a huge range of properties, with a variety of people. From office and residential, to retail, industrial and mixed-use sectors. On our development projects we have built lasting relationships with local authorities, landowners, MPs and communities. For our investments, we have done the same with banks, investors, professional advisors and occupiers.

Our portfolio covers nine million square feet, with a capital value of around £800 million. Our rental income is at £50 million, with a value of around £66 million.

At CEG, we don't just build bricks and mortar. We build communities.

We have a diverse team whose skills all complement each other. Our people are experts in their field spanning strategic planning, development, asset and investment management. Our finance and support teams come from a wide range of interesting backgrounds, bringing different perspectives. Together, they see opportunities and potential where others don’t. They find solutions to near-impossible problems, manage risk, build communities and create properties that represent so much more than bricks and mortar.

Some things have stayed the same.
Like the drive, tenacity and commitment to quality we started with.

But the story doesn’t stop there.
We're still investing. Still developing. And still growing.


Property by example

We believe in leading by example. We’re proud of our projects, and think they’re the best way to show just what we’re capable of, read through our case studies to find out more.